How To Price Your Inherited Home In Florida For Sale

If you have recently come into ownership of a property and intend to place it on the market, it is crucial to take a moment to review the following blog post. Within, you will discover three essential suggestions for how to price your inherited home located in Florida.

Are you in possession of an inherited property that you are considering selling? Although inheriting a property can be a gracious gesture from a deceased loved one, it often carries financial burdens. Therefore, selling the property becomes a logical choice, enabling you to utilize the equity for alternative purposes. Nonetheless, selling an inherited property may pose challenges, particularly if you lack recent experience in property sales. To assist you in this process, we will outline how to accurately determine the price of your inherited home in Florida for optimal sale.

Tip #1: Price Competitively To Sell Quickly

Certain individuals may choose to determine the value of their inherited property based on their perception of how much the market is willing to pay for the house. Nonetheless, numerous factors need to be taken into account when arriving at this price, with one of the primary considerations being the desired timeframe for the sale. Opting to sell through a real estate agent typically entails a lengthier process, potentially spanning several months, during which the property owner must shoulder the financial burden of owning and upkeeping the house. Consequently, this can result in considerable expenses that diminish the overall profit derived from a potentially higher sale price.

Many homeowners often realize that it is more advantageous to slightly reduce the price of their property in order to facilitate a quicker sale. Although this may result in a lower selling price, it also allows them to save on expenses related to repairs, maintenance, and the overall effort and time required to sell the property. Therefore, it can be viewed as a balanced decision that may ultimately yield comparable outcomes.

Tip #2: Avoid Pricing Based On Fond Memories Or Emotion

One of the primary obstacles encountered by property owners inheriting a property is accurately determining its sale price, as it requires separating sentimental attachments from the genuine value of the house. Although the market value of the property may be objectively assessed, there is a tendency to unconsciously inflate the price based on nostalgic memories and pleasant experiences associated with growing up or spending time in the house. It is important to note that this occurrence is quite prevalent within this context. (This is VERY common.)

It would be advisable to collaborate with a reputable real estate agency in order to explore the potential offerings they have for you. It is important to acknowledge the possibility of a price lower than your initial expectations, not because the property’s value is compromised, but due to the inadvertent inflation caused by your cherished memories.

Tip #3: Build In Discounts For Repairs

If you are the beneficiary of a property previously occupied by a dear family member for an extended period, you may discover that the property requires certain repairs. While you have the option to undertake these repairs personally and subsequently seek a higher price for the property, it would be more prudent to save yourself the time, effort, and associated expenses (such as equipment, supplies, or contractor fees). Instead, you could opt for a reduced asking price, granting a “repair discount.” This approach allows you to avoid the inconvenience of undertaking the repairs while ensuring you achieve a similar financial outcome.


If you find yourself in possession of an inherited house, you may be facing a considerable amount of responsibility. It is a common choice to sell such properties, and you are not alone in this endeavor. However, determining the appropriate price for your inherited home in Florida can be challenging. To assist you in this process, the following tips will serve as a guide for pricing your inherited property for sale.

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