5 Estate Sale Tips for Property Owners in Illinois

5 Estate Sale Tips for Property Owners in Illinois

Are you a professional estate representative seeking guidance on how to facilitate an estate sale? Estate sales are commonly organized following the passing of a loved one and the completion of the probate process. However, they can also be beneficial during a divorce or other personal transition that necessitates the liquidation of a household’s belongings. Sorting through the remaining possessions can be a challenging task, particularly when mourning the loss of a loved one. It is important to exercise caution and separate any crucial documents such as deeds, titles, bank statements, or any other financial records required for tax purposes.

When it comes to valuable possessions, it is important to handle them with care and ensure their proper placement. One example of this is storing money in a coat pocket. Moreover, it is advisable to thoroughly search books for crucial documents and meticulously examine drawers, containers, and boxes for any valuable items. To achieve a favorable outcome, it is crucial for property owners in Illinois to consider and apply the following five estate sale tips.


One important tip for property owners in Illinois is to refrain from cleaning antiques or other items beyond dusting and light housekeeping. If it becomes necessary to sort or clean before the estate sale company arrives, caution should be exercised when deep cleaning an antique dresser, as this could inadvertently remove significant value amounting to thousands of dollars. It is advised not to dispose of or donate items such as clothing, kitchenware, or tools from the garage without considering their potential value. Additionally, it is not advisable to hold a garage sale prior to the estate sale, as vintage items are highly sought after by potential buyers. It is generally not worthwhile to organize an estate sale if there are no smaller items available for purchase, as these tend to generate the most revenue. To ease the emotional process of clearing out the property, it is recommended to engage the services of licensed, professional estate liquidators. If handling the task personally is undesirable or unfeasible, it is recommended to contact at least two estate sale companies.

Don’t Guess

Estate sales draw in buyers who are seeking out distinct and exceptional items, which can encompass collectibles and even costume jewelry. Professionals knowledgeable in estate sales can determine the value of objects and provide guidance. It is important not to assume that an item is worthless solely based on your untrained perception. Instead, it is advisable to thoroughly research the value of any findings, particularly if there is a collection of similar items. It is not uncommon for family members to realize too late that they have discarded something of significant importance. This serves as a crucial estate sale tip for property owners in Illinois.

Plan for Rememberances

In dealing with the estate sale in Illinois, it is important to anticipate and handle potential conflicts that may arise among close friends or family members who are seeking items as mementos of the deceased. Having a plan in place is a valuable tip for property owners in this situation. While some wills may specify what items should be allocated to specific individuals, often these individuals are left to choose items based on personal memories. It is important to note that these items are now considered gifts from the estate and must adhere to value limits. It is not mandatory for you to give away any items, as it is not within your rights to do so. As the estate representative, your responsibility is to provide the family with all proceeds from the sale. One approach could be to hold a separate pre-sale for this group of individuals, allowing them to tag and purchase the desired items. This arrangement fulfills your obligation as the estate representative while excluding these items from the public estate sale.


It is advisable for property owners in Illinois to allocate a sufficient amount of time for their estate sale as extensive preparation may take several weeks. If time is not a constraint, property owners have the option of either working with a professional estate sales company or managing the sale themselves. However, if the estate consists of only a few remaining items because the majority has already been taken by family and friends or if monthly expenses are depleting the estate, engaging a buy-out company would be the most suitable choice. Estate buy-out companies offer the convenience of swiftly removing all items at once, but this method usually results in a lower financial outcome compared to a traditional estate sale.

Understand your Objective

It is vital for property owners in Illinois to prioritize the reason for their sale, as it can be beneficial for their emotional well-being. Seeking assistance from professionals is a wise option if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the process. When reaching out to an estate liquidation company, they will take on the responsibility of promoting the sale and generating interest. Once the company has conducted their assessment of the estate, it is important to note that removing any items from the inventory will result in owing the company the value of those missing pieces.

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